Poor man tomboy port to JS


Here is a short post after a while about my poor man tomboy port. Explanations: I tried the tomboy-ng version for mac OS and I found it pretty cool BUT… No shortcuts worked when I tried it… So no copy/paste when Cmd+C/V.

So here it is, a glorious tomboy-like in js!


It’s really not perfect at all (gosh, it should lose some weight, that’s insane…) but it’s working for me (and hopefully, for the people who find it :D).

One big lesson from this exercise is: never write a simple text file if you want to have like a lot more of information (like a title, parents, …) (stupid lesson but at first I was like “hey, I need to take notes so just write them to text file and that’s it, no?” => nope. Just nope.).

It was a pretty cool tool to do because I could play a little bit with JS/HTML and electron 🙂

So, find a pet project and work on it! Anything at all, it doesn’t matter! Even if it already exists, you will learn some new stuffs and hopefully, at the end, you will have something which can be useful for you (and even better, for someone else).

Here are some screenshots:

Enjoy and bye!